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I bet every one of us has at some time asked for feedback as well as received a request to give feedback. And probably more than just once. There are several reasons for the current thirst for feedback.

In business, asking for feedback is naturally related to running your business. Customer experience management, CEM, has become one of the central strategic themes of companies. The goal of CEM is to ensure that the company succeeds on the competitive market. CEM is also one of the main points of Acolad's strategy. It is nearly impossible to differentiate oneself with the quality and features of one's products and services on the current market, as the unproductive alternatives have died away several years ago, and competitors are fast to copy new and successful solutions.

However, the best customer experience on the market is something that is not that easily copied. That is why excellent customer experience is the best competitive edge of them all. Customer experience consists of several, sometimes even inconspicuously minor elements, such as reachability, the response time to customer communication, the communication skills of the staff, the clarity of the offers, the content of the invoices, the corporate premises, etc.

Customer feedback is necessary for service providers in order to be able to focus their emphasis on what matters.

The goal of CEM is to ensure that the company succeeds on the competitive market.

Working life requires employees to constantly develop as a professional and as a member of the working community. What was considered productive and professional work a decade ago, probably no longer suffices today. At least not fully. Customer requirements and the way of making purchases have changed radically, as have operating methods and the tools.

Communication skills have become even more valuable with the digital development. Some of the development needs can be tackled with training. However, even the best training is not enough to fulfill the personal development needs of each individual. Employees need feedback to be able to polish their professional and work community skills to respond to the current needs.

The idea of giving and asking for feedback may seem simple, but in practice, it is often far from it. There may not necessarily be an easy-to-use channel for giving customer feedback, or one might not have the time to phrase the feedback. Giving feedback, especially of the corrective type, demands courage. Giving feedback also comes with great responsibility; you have to be able to stand behind your words.

Thus, giving and receiving feedback is extremely important in working life today. Several seasoned acquaintances of mine have said that people regret more things they didn't do than things they did. I couldn't agree more! You should give plenty of feedback, both positive and corrective!

Thinking about giving feedback to us at Acolad? Send an email to the project manager who most recently handled your projects. You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send feedback.

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