Expert perspectives on Documentum document management


Documentum has been around for a long time, as a robust foundation for ECM solutions such as case management systems, centralized content repositories, digital mailrooms and digital document archives. Some competing technologies could argue its long history means it’s an outdated platform, but that's been proved wrong before. We recently sat down with our international Documentum teams and asked them what their favorite attributes of Documentum are. Read on to see what they had to say!

Customization and seamless integration possibilities

Documentum is very customizable by itself, and the variety of options for integrated add-ons further enhances the system’s capabilities to match the desired functionalities. From the client perspective, the fact that Documentum is a well-known and established enterprise content management system makes it highly trusted. Its seamless integration with other platforms such as, for example, input management platform Captiva, Brava Viewer and myInsight are also likely to please those looking to capitalize on the new organization’s information landscape.

Marc Basten, Technical Consultant

Continued roadmap of innovation

With the acquisition by OpenText, the strategy for Documentum is to keep the Content Server layer intact. This means that all the customers around the world who have invested in placing Documentum as their central document repository can safeguard their investment. The added value that OpenText will bring is more flexibility on the user interface and integration layer. The development effort that OpenText is currently putting into making the SmartUI available for D2 is a great example of this. I expect it will take some time to get a fully functional new UI in place for D2, but it shows that integration brings added value to the Documentum customers around the world.

Bart Willems, Sales Manager

Long-standing reputation

Documentum is a very stable environment. Moreover, this article by Jan De Greef, even if it can look dated, continues to show Documentum’s main strengths and the most important reasons why I like this Document management system.

Willem Lavrijssen, Technical Consultant

Out-of-the-box content management and fast solution deployment

Documentum provides the freedom to expand from an out-of-the-box content management system to an extensive customer-specific integration platform. The customizability of Documentum allows any and all functionality to be built, regardless of complexity or dependencies on other systems. Documentum provides a number of tools that allow fully functional applications to be built without requiring large investment in development, including but not limited to user interfaces, access control and business processes. Through its flexibility, Documentum is a solid starting point for a wide variety of enterprise content management, as well as content processing solutions, in virtually every branch of business.

William van den Besselaar, Technical Consultant

Suitability in complex environments

Documentum brings incredible performance and stability even in big complex environments. Because AMPLEXOR has implemented a continuous delivery platform, we’re able to take advantage of Documentum’s potentialities to meet clients’ demands and ensure faster time to market of their systems’ innovations.

King-Yip Wu, Business Consultant with focus on Support

Enhanced business insights

For me, it’s the possibility to add value to our Documentum clients and users with the reporting and dashboarding myInsight add-on we developed. Not only does it fit perfectly in the Documentum architecture, but it also delivers business insights and information that wouldn’t otherwise be available for organizations.

I also like the easiness of the Documentum D2 configuration. The fact that all changes are directly visible in the UI and all components can be easily set up in the matrix means that it’s possible to build and improve an application for end users without a large investment in technical resources.

Karlijn Oosterbaan, Business Consultant

Flexibility, speed and performance

Flexibility in Documentum starts from its two, very highly configurable clients: D2 and xCP. Besides that, the platform’s strengths are many more:

  • Speed: Simple packaging where a 1-quick installation is possible, and in addition we can create applications and features in a small amount of time
  • Simplicity: Creating custom extensions with modules and plugins is pretty straight forward, and the available ReST API endpoints make it easy to create your own end-user interface with popular frameworks like Angular or React
  • Performance: There is a steady process engine to handle all the configured processes; plus, Documentum supports containerization with Docker for an agile environment with integrated security.

Antal Bos, Technical Consultant

Responsiveness and variety of multifunctional APIs

For more than twenty years, the Documentum platform has proven to be a reliable, stable and scalable solution for enterprise content management. It can cover more than 90% of any business requirements for document management and process management and allows for sustainable and maintainable customizations for the remaining 10%. There are several APIs including web services (ReST, SOAP, CMIS), a Java API (DFC) and the Documentum Query Language (DQL).

David Gestel, Technical Consultant

Performant in high-volume, high-availability environments

Documentum content management applications can be fast and easily configured and have been proven outstanding in managing very large quantities of documents and data – it remains stable regardless of the amount of processes or connections on the system.

Indra Beurskens, Business Consultant

Broad scope of features and tools

Documentum has undoubtedly the most flexible and strict security model in the market, and also has a robust and comprehensive set of document management functionalities to support processes for any team or organization.

Tim Vernaillen – Business Consultant

Easiness-to-use by technical and non-technical profiles

I’ve been working with Documentum for more than 18 years now, and it’s always been a system that is easy to configure and customize for technicians, and easy to understand for users.

Stella Swinkels, Documentum Support Team Coach

Stimulating learning experience

My top reasons to enjoy working with Documentum can be summed up in 3 points:

  • DQL queries: I find it interesting to develop DQL queries in regard to specific information which is needed by a customer.
  • New releases: it’s exciting to work with the most recent versions of OpenText software and get a first-hand peek at the new features being implemented in every new release.
  • Never done learning: Documentum involves so many applications, business cases and functional domains, that there’s always something new to learn.

Leon Koks, Technical Support Engineer

Endless integration possibilities

Documentum allows for pretty straightforward and flexible maintenance activities to keep the environment smoothly up-and-running. When performing daily/weekly/monthly proactive maintenance, the amount of structural problems can be kept under control. You will always have incidents on the environment, but the structural issues are reduced to a minimum.

Documentum can seamlessly integrate with other business applications like SharePoint, SAP, Captiva and Kofax when using web services. This means it’s possible to ingest data into Documentum and to get data out of Documentum from within the other business applications, so Documentum is the core application for many of our clients.

Lars Vousten, Technical Support Engineer

Proven versatility through different use cases

Documentum can be used as a quality management system (QMS) system, a plant maintenance documentation management system, a case management platform, the list goes on. The fact it’s valuable in completely different use cases, all in one system, makes it more interesting not only for functional analysis by consultants but also for better ROI for the customer. Documentum is not limited to one specific operating system, database or browser, it’s fully adaptable to the client’s choices and existing IT architecture.

In a Documentum system, a large number of techniques and components are used, keeping the life of a Documentum consultant interesting. It’s a positively challenging platform to work with because it gives developers the opportunity to alternate between coding in Java and .NET, building RESTfull webservices or switch between Windows and Linux.

Jelle Doeswijk, Technical Consultant