Expert tips on why technical documentation matters in business

In this blog, we explain why technical documentation is important and how a company and the end customer benefit from high-quality technical documentation. We also take a sneak peek at the challenges of technical documentation and its future.

Four questions to help you get software localization right

Software localization can be intimidating at first. If you’re considering localizing your software, you might not be sure where to start, how to avoid pitfalls along the way, or whether localization is even the right move for your business. To address these concerns, we’ve interviewed Patrick[...]

Your international SEO guide: technical edition

You know the importance of international SEO when it comes to growing your business, but do you know how to best optimize your website for a global audience? You might think it’s about translation and localization, and you’re right, but it’s much more than just that. To go global, you have to[...]

Subtitles or voice-overs: everything you need to know

Subtitling and dubbing options can differ per country, content and budget. Subtitles are not always available in all languages. Content creators, studios and distributors therefore don’t reach the potential of their audience. But why?

Expert tips for localizing international products

Does your product speak different languages?

There is no universal solution for localization, as each organization and product is different. However, there are several factors that can considerably improve the potential for success. In this blog article, Oura’s localization manager shares her[...]

How to choose the interpreting service that's right for you

International conferences, cross-border business negotiations, press conferences, academic meetings… there are many situations where speakers of different languages come together, whether in person or on a conference call. In each of these cases, participants need to fully understand what is[...]

Best practices for legal translation

Just as your firm pays great attention to detail when producing legal papers, legal translation requires careful handling by specialized professional translators.

3 reasons why text editing makes your translated content better

You have a good product or service. You have effective writers and skilled marketers, and you always use a professional translation agency to convert your marketing content into other languages.

What is the role of translations in international marketing?

In this blog, we discuss the role of translations in international marketing, how translations are currently handled in companies, and how translations can be improved from a marketing perspective.

What affects translation quality – 10 pro tips for better translations

Did you know that you as a purchaser of language services can influence the quality of your translations?