Four tips for getting the best out of your translator

When you buy a translation, you are actually buying communication. Your text has a clear purpose: it must effectively communicate your messages to somebody. You probably agree that communication is a creative field, and communication specialists may write and edit your texts with much attention[...]

Why you should do international marketing

Digitalization provided marketers with new tools for reaching larger target groups. However, such tools alone are not enough, because each target group needs to be spoken to in its own language.

In this blog article, we explain why international marketing pays off and also give some handy tips[...]

Website Renewal: what to consider

When you want to find out something, what’s usually the first place you go to look for it?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is search engines – and through them, we can access the relevant websites that produce services, products or relevant information. On the go with a mobile device, when[...]

5 ways to optimize your webinar recording before you publish online

Webinars are a popular and easy tool for sharing your knowledge or passion. All you need is an audience, solid promotion, engaging content, and a camera – then you’re ready to broadcast your message live to viewers around the globe.

How much content do you need to do marketing in another language?

Now, I’ll show you how to determine the minimum amount of content that you will need in order to successfully do marketing in a language version.

3 foundations: how to get started with content marketing

In this blog post, I’ll go over the essentials of getting started with your regular content marketing routine and offer some helpful tips about what to consider when it comes to creating content, SEO optimization, and picking your social media channels.

Are you thinking of producing a marketing video? Five aspects

Video has gradually become a key marketing tool also here in Finland. A presentation video adds punch to a sales visit. Videos are becoming the cornerstone of content marketing at the companies' websites and at YouTube as well as in social media.

Some people are still pondering whether video is[...]

How to get marketing content translated

Here, we will go a step further with our language versions by looking at the unique demands that come with getting a great translation of your marketing content.

Seven tips from professionals on localizing videos

A company has an excellent corporate video, but only in Finnish. Market analysis reveals that there is global demand for the product.

How can a company introduce a product or service to a new target market attractively? How can it provide information about the product or service and its[...]

Modern multilingual SEO

This blog looks at the question of how you can ensure that your customers actually find your language version content. And the answer to that is modern multilingual SEO (search engine optimization).