A dedicated machine translation engine improves a company’s data security

In this blog, we will explain how a machine translation engine dedicated to the company’s use is also an investment in the company’s data security.

What are the best use cases for machine translation?

In this blog post, we will explain which text types are best suited for machine translation.

Use CMS integration to solve your ecommerce translation challenges

E-commerce is the future of retail, and the future is already here!

Terminological Consistency: quality through precision

Always naming the same things the same way - that's terminological consistency. There are many reasons in favor of the consistent use of terminology in our communication - particularly in technical descriptions and instructions.

Localization lingo clarified: Post-edit machine translation

While we realize we deal with many experts in the language industry who know all the localization lingo out there, we’d like to take the opportunity to explain various localization terms to those who may not have that same language industry understanding. In this blog, we’ll be diving into the ins[...]

3 questions on whether a machine translation solution is right for you

Machine translation solutions have taken the world by storm. With promises for faster turnaround, lower costs and near-human quality levels, it’s easy to see why many businesses ask for it upfront. And it’s only gaining in popularity and sophistication as the technology advances.

How do technologies affect the future of the language service business?

Kites— or Language Cluster Finland — supports the internationalization of companies in Finland through development in multilingual communication and language technology.

Acolad has been active member of Kites from the very beginning – in fact, we are one of its founders. The main theme for 2017 was[...]

LocWorld Takeaways: Focus on Technology and Personalization

Technology is here to stay, and it is set to play an increasingly important role in the localization industry. This was one of the key themes that emerged during the conference sessions and meetings at LocWorld, one of the most popular events in the language industry