The translator: the man behind the mask

Or the woman, of course. But the mask is real, and it’s called the “project manager” – a useful kind of mask for many purposes. Still, you may have wondered where your translations actually come from. Who are these people behind their masks?

Does a technical writer have to be an expert in the relevant field?

“Can you promise that your writer is an expert in our field?” Our field is very technical and differs from the others.” This is the kind of question that companies providing documentation services often hear. Companies often imagine that their field is so special that only an expert in that[...]

Behind the scenes: an insight into website localization and software translation

There is a saying in English: “practice what you preach”.

With the rebranding, we have moved to a new home website Moving over to an existing website is not as simple as it may sound. The change involved producing a lot of new content, and also plenty of translating, as Finnish,[...]

A day in the life of a translator

9:00 am

I arrive at the office, sign in to the system and open my e-mail. Today shouldn’t be too busy, but I have to finish a short text that I started the day before and deliver it to the customer by the end of the day.

Translation Project Managers Answer 6 Frequently Asked Questions

We asked Acolad’s project managers for translation services for the answers to the questions that they are frequently asked in their daily work with customers, and then we compiled this blog post of answers.

How to calculate how long a high-quality translation will take

Question: How long does it take to translate 1,000 words from language A to language B?

Short answer: One day. In most cases, send your text in the morning and receive the translation in the afternoon.

Could I have some feedback, please!

I bet every one of us has at some time asked for feedback as well as received a request to give feedback. And probably more than just once. There are several reasons for the current thirst for feedback.

Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm and carry on.” “Keep calm and eat more chocolate.” And, of course: “Don’t Panic and Fake a British Accent.”

How much does it cost to translate a document?

You’ve probably wondered at some point how the price of a translation is determined, or at least you may have wondered how much it costs to translate a particular document. 

Translation services for e-commerce businesses and their suppliers

We participated in the 2017 ECOMMERCE STHLM fair. We wanted to hear about the online store business and learn how language providers can develop their translation services to assist online stores.