The time is now to take your digital workplace to the next level


In 2020 the Digital Workplace is an inevitable reality, regardless your organization size or industry.  While modern workforces are no longer restricted to physical offices, it is time for transformation. Change and adoption are right at your doorstep, as more effective (and affordable) technologies pave the way for real-time collaboration. Nothing compared to a few years ago when the time, budget and resources required, made digital collaboration tools and platforms something only within reach of the largest companies.

So what’s the key to driving successful change? Stop the wishful thinking – transforming workplace collaboration is not as simple as just a technology deployment: It’s not a destination, but rather a carefully designed journey. There is no doubt that it will and has to drive change across your entire organization, including the sort of tasks workers will spend their time on as well on the whole employee experience - and that is exactly where many hiccups start. You can have the best technology available, but if no one uses it (correctly) it is simply useless. Makes sense, right?

Use the technology you (probably already) have

Your company is likely already working with Microsoft Office 365. But are you really making the most of this investment? The Office 365 suite contains the classic, useful applications everyone is already familiar with. But its immense power comes packed in the myriad of features for communication and productivity.

It’s true that with so many different applications, utilizing this collaboration ecosystem at its fullest may seem a bit overwhelming. But the great thing about Office 365 is that users get all the tools they need to make their work-life easier, with consistent functionality, in an environment they’re already comfortable with. This familiarity does not just facilitate adoption, but it also applies from a technical standpoint, making implementation much simpler. With the convenience to easily integrate with other systems, you automatically gain full scalability and control over security to keep your business information secure.

The Voldemort of enterprises: Cloud

Yes, the “monster” has arrived. The name we shall not mention. Wake-up call to every CIO, IT manager and business leader. Classical on-premise is dead, or at least dying. Just imagine the thousands of security engineers working full-time at Microsoft, when compared to your in-house IT support team with limited technology budget and limited office space. Cloud servers are not only more flexible and reliable than in-house hosting solutions, as they are also eco-friendly.

And despite initial reluctance, financial regulators have been making great leaps forward to further embrace advanced cloud solutions. With the clarification of the regulatory environment on a technical, operational and legal level, even the most conservative institutions have been shifting to cloud sourcing.

“What if we don’t change at all… and something magical just happens?”

Opening the way to a new collaborative culture requires the right technology change management strategies that promote fast user adoption and “buy in”. A solid framework to prepare individuals to accept a significant change and help them flourish in the new way of doing business.

- Why is change necessary?

Innovative digital workplace tools bring many advantages and quick wins, with the end goal of making teams happier and more productive. Even if it’s frightening at the beginning, you’ll have it automatized in no time, just like when you start to drive a car, no need to think anymore when shifting gears.

- The desire to change

One reason can be good enough for one person; others will simply not accept it. Ask the right questions and you’ll be better informed and will have all the justified facts. Intranet-in-a-box platforms such as Valo (the most popular intranet solution built on Office 365) are a fantastic light-weight change enabler, with appealing design, user-friendly interfaces, personalization options and lots of room for social interaction.

- Lack of knowledge

Office 365 for example has many features, and while most are pretty straightforward, we can help you implement effective change management tactics and learning resources to suit all your employee profiles. For example, getting some battle cards ready to show users when to use what are simple fun and you’ll have very quick wins with all user types – from the anxious adopter to the hands-on power user.

- The ability to change

Although knowledge and ability may seem similar, there can be a very large gap between them. While someone can gain knowledge about a new skill (the tools needed, the process, the right technique), it can take much longer before this knowledge translates into performance improvement. Some good practices are role-modeling behavior, time and direct involvement of coaches.

- Take time for reinforcement

It takes time before change stays in place, but by building reinforcements such as feedback, corrective actions, accountability mechanisms or using cross-channel messaging, you’re set to make sure it sticks and the return on your technology investment will be priceless.


Now you’ve got some insight, it is time to take your digital workplace to the next level! If you are looking for a new intranet solution or if there is an ongoing discussion about your intranet renewal project, it’s time to get those stalled projects off the ground. Slide to the comments below or send us a message to brainstorm solutions to your collaboration challenges or discuss your specific project roadmaps with our intranet experts.