New on Documentum: Cloud, Process, Governance and Compliance


The content services platform (that Documentum is) is still in the top-right corner of the Gartner Magic Quadrants. And it’s getting more intelligent with the capture, archive, search and analytics components.

Research and development hasn’t stopped for this content management veteran, and there have been several new announcements lately for the Documentum product family. Keep reading for a roundup of key improvements including cloud, process, governance and compliance. 

Documentum gained a cloud strategy (finally!) 

Documentum has finally gained a cloud strategyfor more implementation flexibility. It can be hosted at OpenText cloud platform, or at any other hyper scale cloud providers (such as Red Hat OpenShift or Cloud Foundry).  

The cloud is our 'savior' for the future if we must believe the image below. 

"The cloud is our 'savior' for the future"

And I personally also agree with this statement, but it requires a good Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery  (CI/CD) strategy which is can be a project by itself. From experience, I can tell you that these projects are often complex and involve a lot of security bridges. But again, OpenText cloud platform can help you on that one! 👊 For some detailed guidelines, check these video samples from OpenText on the section How to upgrade Documentum using Containers. 

D2 also getting into the cloud 

The Documentum UI D2 is also now cloud-ready, with a lot of productivity enhancements, including virtual document support via the latest D2 Smart View client. Another cool update is the new secure mobile access via D2 Mobile, bringing direct access to the Documentum repository so you can interact with it from your phone or tablet. As connectivity and content continuity become the norm, there are also new D2 connectors and integrations with Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. These integration extensions aim to reduce the gap in user adoption of content services platforms. 

xCP updated with a new ‘Process Manager’ solution  

The new update on xCP is sure to bring a blueprint for success! You get a head-start on app development with pre-built functionality. Also TensorFlow is integrated for predictive decision making! 

Documentum meets the Information Governance Reference Model  

The Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) from EDRM makes Documentum more standard, stable and compatible so it fits into the standard EDRM framework. 

Information Governance Reference Model by EDRM

Thanks to Blazon, you also get more secure and managed assets. Automated document redaction with OCR helps you remove sensitive information from any type of document, and help organizations be fully GDPR compliant 

Documentum as the core for “federated compliance” 

Documentum, together with InfoArchive, is now the core for “federated compliance”, meaning the content ecosystem enabling centralized oversight of record policies and content compliance across document repositories. 

It allows you to coordinate compliance across different systems like Documentum or SharePoint. Think of Federated Compliance as a central dashboard for all compliant information across your enterprise, overviewing all your compliance settings, document amounts, policies and legal holds. 

Last but not least, a final ‘roadmap’ summarizing some of these new developments in the Documentum family, as presented by Micah Byrd at OpenText Enterprise World Digital 2020. 

Documentum Product Roadmap by OpenText

Documentum Product Roadmap by OpenText

For more details on these updates, check out the following resources compiled by fellow Documentum experts: