How does multimedia localization work? Answers from the experts

From online training materials to digital marketing, one content trend is impossible to ignore: the importance of multilingual audiovisual content, or multimedia localization, in your business communications – whether internal or external. 

Neural Machine Translation: Everything You Need to Know

The dream of being able to automatically translate from one language to another has come true. But just how effective is machine translation? What are the requirements for adopting Neural Machine Translation? 

Subtitles or voice-overs: everything you need to localize your video

Subtitling and dubbing are two common video localization strategies, but their uses can differ per country, content and budget. Even when subtitles are used, they're not always available in all languages. Content creators, studios and distributors therefore don’t reach the full potential of their[...]

Video localization: how we help the Clearblue brand go global

Video content in a YouTube channel and on the website, from Facebook to television broadcasts – in up to 37 different languages and more than 40 different countries... Swiss Precision Diagnostics' (SPD) premium product Clearblue® has significant global reach. This makes localizing marketing videos[...]

5 ecommerce personalization use cases based on artificial intelligence

Long gone are the days of the “one size fits all approach”. Your customers want to feel like their experience is catered to their needs every time they interact with you. Naturally, personalization is a great way to make your customers feel more compelled by your brand, offering them the optimal[...]

Multilingual terminology: your ticket to reducing costs and improving quality

When you think of translation quality, you more than likely also think of elements such as accuracy, consistency and correctness. It’s either right or wrong. Correct or incorrect. All based upon accuracy and not preference.

Optimizing customer experience:  experimentation and personalization

Our expertise working with clients for the past 3 decades has taught us that great digital experiences are not built overnight. They rather require an iterative approach by which marketers can continuously measure customer engagement in a live environment and optimize experiences accordingly.

Website Localization: 3 effective approaches to multilingual websites

Localizing your website is crucial for global growth and new market penetration. By ensuring your diverse audiences’ can access information easily in their native languages, you improve SEO and brand affinity, which leads to increased conversions and ultimately greater ROI. If people cannot find[...]

Global software and website testing best practices

When you’re ready to have your software or website adapted for new markets, there is much to consider. Having a globalization strategy ensures your software user interface, website or mobile apps will function across operating systems, browsers, channels and devices in all languages. So, which kind[...]

5 ways to get the most out of your global branding operations

Recently we’ve been focusing on the need of a global branding strategy and how, even during a period of crisis, long-term planning is key for your marketing success. But while a brilliant strategy is crucial to put you on the global market, you need solid execution to stay there. That’s when[...]