COVID-19: A Toolbox for Multilingual Remote Communications

The coronavirus health emergency has already had a strong impact on the business world, and many companies have had to react quickly on several fronts. In particular, the need to reduce or avoid public gatherings has resulted in rapid and unexpected changes. 

What’s the best way to improve your language skills?

In this blog article, we take a look at self-learning, learning under the supervision of a teacher and hybrid learning, and we also compare these methods.

Language skills give a competitive edge in customer service

Language training is an option worth considering when you want to serve your customers better. In this blog article, we explain why.

5 Tips for Planning Your Translation Budget

Are you planning your translation budget for next year? You may already be past budget time, but perhaps you need to tweak the budget or decide how to split the spending per task. Maybe your budget isn’t due until the spring, but you need to start thinking about it now. Or maybe you have just[...]

Crisis communication: How can you manage your brand’s image on an international scale?

On Friday, January 24th, Victoria Weidemann, CMO of the Acolad Group, hosted the first edition of “Destination: International", our international breakfast event. This roundtable convened three other marketing and communication experts to talk about international brand image management and risk[...]

We’re one! A look back at Acolad's first year

On January 29th Acolad will celebrate its first anniversary. We are proud to share with you some key highlights of this amazing year.  

Translating for the Pharmaceutical Sector: What Registers of Language Are Involved?

When it comes to pharmaceutical translations, some specific factors need to be considered, one of which is the target audience. Indeed, a different vocabulary will be required for translations designed for an expert readership as opposed to texts on scientific subjects for the general public.[...]

Do Your Legal and Financial Documents Need to Be Adapted for Brexit?

Brexit is a key issue for any firm that operates in the UK and Europe or participates in cross-border trade. It has created uncertainty in many industries, including the financial and legal sectors, as it has become clear that these sectors will (and already do) feel the impact of Brexit. In[...]

How to Simplify the Management of Complex Translation Processes

For businesses who have complex translation processes, it can be unclear which best practices should be followed while organizing these projects. Often, systems and workflows are put into place on an ad-hoc basis, leaving your company with a solution that’s far from perfect. But there’s no need[...]

Copywriting, Transcreation, or Adaptation: Which One Is Best for Your Marketing Content?

Starting the process of taking your company’s content global can come with a steep learning curve. When you begin to research the different services that translation agencies offer, you might encounter some unfamiliar names, such as transcreation or adaptation.