How to choose the interpreting service that's right for you

International conferences, cross-border business negotiations, press conferences, academic meetings… there are many situations where speakers of different languages come together, whether in person or on a conference call. In each of these cases, participants need to fully understand what is[...]

5 translation tips for CROs

International studies run by CROs are essential to the pharmaceutical industry, but the high level of regulation required by multiple governing bodies makes running a clinical trial a complex undertaking. 

Best practices for legal translation

Just as your firm pays great attention to detail when producing legal papers, legal translation requires careful handling by specialized professional translators.

How to produce your international annual report

An annual report, also known as a Universal Registration Document (URD), is the most strategically important document that a company publishes during the year, as it contains influential information for regulators and investors, including those based in other countries.

Streamlining translation processes in the manufacturing industry

There are many ways to influence how the translation process works. The goal may be to improve cost-effectiveness, speed the process up, or improve the quality of translations. How can you achieve these goals? Read on to find out.

What does e-learning localization involve?

How can integration help with translation management?

Process optimization is a goal for every company, as streamlining processes frees up money and time for core business operations. 

3 reasons why text editing makes your translated content better

You have a good product or service. You have effective writers and skilled marketers, and you always use a professional translation agency to convert your marketing content into other languages.

3 Tips for Better Writing in English

In my last blog post, I talked about some of the most common mistakes that non-native speakers make when they write in English: grammar mistakes such as using the wrong tense and problems with prepositions and articles, as well as terminology issues. You can read that blog here.

How companies can ease labor shortages through language training

In this blog post, we explain how investing in language training in the local language can help companies tackle a shortage of labor.