5 don’ts for global websites

Your company’s website plays a very important role in your global brand. It’s what you sell, what you know, and most importantly, what you are – all pressed into a few pages. Some master it in one language, but what about five languages? Or even 20 languages?

Terminology management 101: Getting Started

For companies that are looking to increase brand awareness in the global marketplace, there are several steps that must be taken first. In order to achieve the best results, brands must have a strong identity. This includes a set of guidelines about how the brand will communicate with the world[...]

How to leverage machine translation for your medical translations

Even with the advancements in machine translation, there are still a few industries where MT hasn’t caught on as much as it has elsewhere. It’s no surprise that with the sensitive nature of its content and the high-quality requirements in medical translations, life-sciences is one such industry.

6 tips for elearning localization

There’s no question: elearning is a vital part of any company’s training and talent development programs. Especially for global companies, with teams spread across different offices and locations, the convenience of online classes make them the preferred and most effective method in regards to[...]

How to engage customers worldwide: Transcreate your global marketing content

Consumer behavior has transformed in the last decade as technology influences access to information, buying habits and pace of the purchase cycle. This has shifted the way companies approach marketing to engage customers worldwide. While brand loyalty can still be a strong motivator, capturing[...]

Your genius marketing video needs audiovisual translation for global success

The digital marketing landscape is always changing to keep up with consumer expectations. It is an evolving world centered around who, what, where, when, why and how your audience wants to receive your value proposition. So, the million-dollar question: how does your audience want to be reached?[...]

Global marketing campaigns: Is your approach personalized for each locale?

You’ve created the perfect global marketing campaign, and now it’s time to unveil it across your 12 key markets. Great! Time to break out the champagne and watch as the new revenue rolls in.

Translation program metrics: The key for your localization resolutions

Hello 2022! The New Year is here, and it has everyone thinking about fresh starts and new beginnings. We all want this year to be bigger and better than the last, so many of us make resolutions to do just that.

Fireballs, roosters and sing-offs: New Year customs worldwide

As we begin to wrap up the holidays with a big red bow and prepare for the year ahead, we decided to take a closer look at how different cultures around the globe celebrate the New Year.

Holiday traditions around the world

Colder weather, snow on the ground (depending on where you call home) and preparing for family gatherings – all means one thing – the holidays are upon us! Depending on your region or religion, the holiday season might carry different meanings: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other celebrations.[...]