4 Common Misconceptions about user adoption and change management

Do you feel like your organization just drops technology on your head and makes you figure out how to use it productively? Are your stress levels soaring when your organization’s expense claim tool shows more options than you’d expect in a rocket launch platform? Do you feel like organizing an[...]

Adobe Experience Manager as a headless back-end: GraphQL server(less)

I’ve been working on a GraphQL interface that serves content from Adobe Experience Manager and some other systems in a Back-end For Front-end (BFF) architecture for about a year now.

Adobe commerce integration for great ecommerce experiences

Every website consumes data from external or internal sources, such as your marketing automation platform, CRM or product information management (PIM) system.  

5 ecommerce personalization use cases based on artificial intelligence

Long gone are the days of the “one size fits all approach”. Your customers want to feel like their experience is catered to their needs every time they interact with you. Naturally, personalization is a great way to make your customers feel more compelled by your brand, offering them the optimal[...]

Optimizing customer experience: experimentation and personalization

Our expertise working with clients for the past three decades has taught us that great digital experiences are not built overnight. They rather require an iterative approach by which marketers can continuously measure customer engagement in a live environment and optimize experiences accordingly.

How to optimize customer experiences at scale

Customer experience has become a key differentiator for many organizations. Your customer’s experience greatly depends on high-quality and immersive content throughout the entire customer journey, ideally tailored to their needs using techniques like personalization.

The human success factors of a new intranet

Setting up a new intranet can be an intimidating task that comes with an impressive workload. On top of that, it’s typically a project that doesn’t happen that often, to say the least. Very few people are acquainted with this work. After thoroughly informing yourself, selecting the best intranet[...]

Magic Quadrant – a deeper look

A couple of weeks ago Gartner published its annual Content Services Platform report. As an Employee Experience company, we've read the report with interest and special attention to the leaders, Microsoft, OpenText and Hyland, for which we provide consultancy.

European Collaboration Summit Takeaways: Power Platform

In a previous post, we highlighted what we learned around adoption, engagement, and inclusiveness at the 2021 European Collaboration Summit. Let’s now focus on a different hot topic: the Power Platform. As expected, due to its immense popularity, there were lots of interesting sessions covering[...]

European Collaboration Summit Takeaways: the business perspective

And it’s a wrap on the European Collaboration Summit 2021! Two days packed with more than 140 conference sessions over 10 parallel tracks and attended by more than 2000 people… Dazzling numbers! Acolad sent a delegation of 13 people to get the most out of the largest community-driven conference in[...]