What’s a learning needs analysis (LNA) and why it's important

How many times have you heard about the importance of training and development, but you don’t know exactly what it entails? More importantly, do you know how to measure your training program’s effectiveness or even if there are ways to measure your program’s effectiveness?

Book review: Evidence-informed learning design

The number one goal of our learning designers here at Acolad is to design experiences that ensure learners develop the skills their organization needs to succeed. One way we do that is to follow the learning sciences.

How to engage customers worldwide: Transcreate your global marketing content

Consumer behavior has transformed in the last decade as technology influences access to information, buying habits and pace of the purchase cycle. This has shifted the way companies approach marketing to engage customers worldwide. While brand loyalty can still be a strong motivator, capturing that[...]

Global marketing campaigns: Is your approach personalized for each locale?

You’ve created the perfect global marketing campaign, and now it’s time to unveil it across your 12 key markets. Great! Time to break out the champagne and watch as the new revenue rolls in.

5 considerations when choosing a global content services partner

The cost of global content solutions is a crucial deciding factor for businesses. While it's vital to find a partner who balances cost with quality, it isn't an easy task. 

10 ways to (trick or) treat your content marketing strategy 🎃

Colder weather, trees that look like they’ve changed to gold, and pumpkin spice lattes mean one thing - Halloween is just around the corner 🎃. But treats don’t have to be all sugar - we've packed a handful of resources and useful tips to ensure your content marketing efforts are spook-tacular! 👻

The ultimate marketing holiday calendar for 2021

It’s no surprise that a lot is at stake for companies during the holiday season. But for a winning holiday marketing strategy, it's crucial to ensure your campaigns are relevant to your audience, taking into account their connection the specific holiday/occasion.

Optimize your marketing budget for 2022 and beyond

From shifts in physical mobility to altered sales and consumption habits, marketing has been in charge of alleviating some of the pandemic’s severe business impacts. In the beginning, the spread of the Covid-19 virus caused some of the biggest leading companies to focus their marketing efforts[...]

Content marketing: removing language borders

Modern organizations already recognize that “knowing their audience” and mapping their strategy to target personas is the most effective way to resonate with the user and achieve higher growth and customer retention 

How to optimize your content strategy for international SEO

Is your brand ready to take on the world? Your focus on international SEO (or lack thereof) can help or hinder your international strategy, respectively. While a large portion of international SEO is related to technical details (URL structures, hreflang, tech stacks, and more), you still need to[...]