How to produce your international annual report

An annual report, also known as a Universal Registration Document (URD), is the most strategically important document that a company publishes during the year, as it contains influential information for regulators and investors, including those based in other countries.

Create winning customer experiences in banking

The time has come when digital transformation can no longer be delayed: the explosion of digital channels has led to a shift from product-centric to customer-centric strategies in financial services. The purpose is to replicate what used to be a one-on-one interaction to a seamless, easy and user[...]

Banking and customer experience: 7 key trends

Do you even remember when you had to go to the counter to withdraw or transfer money? Most of us probably don’t. Since the first self-service ATMs appeared 50 years ago, banking has been through many changes.

Diversifying a global insurance brand’s online presence

Ranked amongst the top five insurance providers in Belgium, this international insurance company was founded in the beginning of the 20th century. It has since supported the development of the country, its business growth and the well-being of its inhabitants. As part of a larger European banking[...]

Do Your Legal and Financial Documents Need to Be Adapted for Brexit?

Brexit is a key issue for any firm that operates in the UK and Europe or participates in cross-border trade.