Microsoft Power Platform: low code for easy process automation

In an ever-changing digital world, high volumes of data are created daily, making it difficult to stay on top of it. So how can you ensure that you are making the most of the data you are collectingRegardless of industry or business size, many data processes are still rudimentary, being done[...]

The 5 Ws: how to think like an analyst

In day-to-day business, we are all often challenged by minor (or sometimes major) problems or issues. To solve these problems and ensure a happy customer or better work environment, it is helpful to put yourself in an analyst’s shoes. This can often help you save time, money, and resources.[...]

7 essential roles in a web development team

Have you ever wondered about the various roles on a web development team, and what every person’s role entails? Why a java developer and a javascript developer are not interchangeable? After all, these “programming languages” sound mostly the same to the layperson.

Six ways to succeed as a business analyst

When you search for a definition or a role description of a business analyst, you probably end up with an exhaustive list of definitions including all required capabilities, skills, knowledge areas and experience levels. But apart from all the titles given to a business analyst and all of the[...]

Check your AEM webmaster skills: 5 helpful tips

It doesn’t take much to become a better webmaster in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). With these five simple steps, you’ll be able to improve your skillset and become the ultimate Adobe webmaster.

Why your website accessibility matters and who is affected

The words website accessibility have been thrown around a lot over the last two years. But the reality still looks very different – which is a chance for you to stand out.

5 best practices to apply to your MDR/IVDR medical translations

With the MDR deadline approaching in May 2021, most medical device companies are well on their way to getting ready. Here at Acolad, we've been busy with over 250 of our medical device clients, providing medical translations in all EU languages for the MDR requirements.

The top 5 elements of user experience and how they help your website

Web development isn’t just about functionality – although that’s certainly a highly important piece of the puzzle. It’s also about user experience: ensuring visitors are able to easily navigate your website and get where they need to go.

How (not) to tackle content synchronization – and why it matters

Ongoing optimization of Customer Experience is a must, and it’s a never-ending task – one that requires constant testing. But how do you ensure that your clients and partners are not becoming the guinea pigs of your organization’s developers, while at the same time keeping the delivery time of new[...]

AEM's Editable Templates: Common ground for authors and developers

The creation of templates within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) can sometimes be a tedious and time-consuming task for developers. But it doesn't have to be: Meet Editable Templates.