5 don’ts for global websites

Your company’s website plays a very important role in your global brand. It’s what you sell, what you know, and most importantly, what you are – all pressed into a few pages. Some master it in one language, but what about five languages? Or even 20 languages?

6 tips for elearning localization

There’s no question: elearning is a vital part of any company’s training and talent development programs. Especially for global companies, with teams spread across different offices and locations, the convenience of online classes make them the preferred and most effective method in regards to[...]

Your genius marketing video needs audiovisual translation for global success

The digital marketing landscape is always changing to keep up with consumer expectations. It is an evolving world centered around who, what, where, when, why and how your audience wants to receive your value proposition. So, the million-dollar question: how does your audience want to be reached?[...]

Translation program metrics: The key for your localization resolutions

Hello 2022! The New Year is here, and it has everyone thinking about fresh starts and new beginnings. We all want this year to be bigger and better than the last, so many of us make resolutions to do just that.

The top 10 languages in higher demand for business

It's clear the world is becoming increasingly connected and business today is certainly international. Most global companies have at least given thought to the many possibilities that could arise with providing their content in different languages. 

8 ways to maximize your language translation services budget

It’s safe to say that the need for language translation services isn’t exclusive to multinational companies. If you aspire to global markets or are trying to expand your business reach, you’ll need to take your content further and consider localization services as well, which accounts for the[...]

Growth across borders – the five best countries to expand to now

new era of digital has become a new reality for most businesses – and often also customers with stronger budget restrictions. A logical consequence is to look out for new markets on the globe. But uncertainty prevails: Where does it make sense to invest now? Which markets are on the fast lane[...]

Global branding: 10 lessons to consider

Every successful global brand took strategic steps and time to get where they are now. So, how did they reach the top – and more importantly, what is their secret for staying so powerful? Let's analyze a few examples of outstanding global branding in action, to help your business find its way to[...]

Silver linings: The role of translators in the age of automation

Although machine translation technology has been in use for over 50 years, it remains a relatively unknown field to many translators. What's more, the relationship between human and machine has never been an easy one. Each technological advancement or hype in MT prompts a wave of defeatism, with[...]

Global branding: The meaning of colors around the world

When taking a brand global, aspects such as language and terminology tend to get more attention than the steps taken towards visual style guides and color incorporation. But color is actually one of the first features prospects and customers notice and interpret when they interact with your[...]