Neural Machine Translation: Everything You Need to Know

The dream of being able to automatically translate from one language to another has come true. But just how effective is machine translation? What are the requirements for adopting Neural Machine Translation? 

Multilingual terminology: your ticket to reducing costs and improving quality

When you think of translation quality, you more than likely also think of elements such as accuracy, consistency and correctness. It’s either right or wrong. Correct or incorrect. All based upon accuracy and not preference.

5 steps for brand consistency on a global scale

The number one global branding goal? Brand consistency, of course – Over 80% percent of global brands agree consistency is key to customer trust. What are ways to ensure brand consistency that knows no borders? Through brand terminology.

Elearning localization: How to connect your LMS with a TMS

You’ve spent a lot of time analyzing, selecting, implementing and populating a learning management system (LMS). The next step – localizing your elearning and training materials for multilingual audiences – can potentially be one of the most complex and time-consuming phases you’ll encounter.

5 ways terminology helps your brand

When employed correctly, terminology allows your brand to remain consistent across all markets. Having a structured repository of terms or taglines your brand uses frequently and how they are to be translated into other languages ensures your message will never go wrong.  

Terminology management 101: Getting Started

For companies that are looking to increase brand awareness in the global marketplace, there are several steps that must be taken first. In order to achieve the best results, brands must have a strong identity. This includes a set of guidelines about how the brand will communicate with the world and[...]

How to leverage machine translation for your medical translations

Even with the advancements in machine translation, there are still a few industries where MT hasn’t caught on as much as it has elsewhere. It’s no surprise that with the sensitive nature of its content and the high-quality requirements in medical translations, life-sciences is one such industry.

Why terminology management is key for effective multilingual communication

We can't tell you the number of prospects and customers we have encountered who struggle with inconsistent terminology across their departments. Corporate terminology represents a company-wide standard and should therefore be used consistently by all departments and suppliers. 

The machine is blind: Bottom-up feedback on machine translation

At the recent AMTA 2020 machine translation (MT) conference, I had the pleasure of representing Acolad as an invited speaker for the iMpacT workshop.

How can integration help with translation management?

Process optimization is a goal for every company, as streamlining processes frees up money and time for core business operations.