Content Marketing: why you should be outsourcing content creation


Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for increasing traffic, conversion and generating more leads than traditional marketingIn other words, content creation should be a top priority in any successful organization.

While it is a priority, keeping up with the content train is also a concerning challenge for most in-house marketing teams. Your own marketing team could be lacking the time, skills or just running out of creative geist to write effectively and continually. In return, leaving your content wishes unfulfilled.

What about outsourcing your content marketing efforts

Maybe having a third-party supporting your content creation has crossed your mind once or twice, but you wonder if they can capture the essence of your brand. This may be a common concern, but outsourcing is becoming more recurring across all industries, as companies struggle to keep up with the need for original and engaging content.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider investing in outsourcing your content marketing so you can keep pace with your competition:  


1. It’s budget friendly

In-house marketing teams can quickly become costly, and your budget can only stretch so far. Not only would you need a large content marketing team but you would also need to train them on all the latest marketing trends and best practices.

Outsourcing can cut down on cost, giving your marketing team more time for other projects - instead of having to juggle multiple content marketing demands. In turn, your outsourced writers will be 100 percent focused on the high-quality content creation making it highly cost-effective. 


2. It’s done by pros

You probably don’t have the time to think about what compelling content your audience likes, or what the best practices are when it comes to publishing and content structure. When outsourcing your content, these professionals know exactly what to do.

They care about providing your readers with a good experience as well as quality copy - delivering relevant, factual, engaging and well-written articles with SEO in mind.

Consistency is key and outsourcing can give you the content consistency you're craving. While your content creation partner is busy developing relevant content based on your own marketing strategy, you can stay on top of your other content marketing initiatives. All you need to do is provide your content creation partner with your marketing strategy, plan and creative brief.


3. It offers new perspectives

Being creative every day can be challenging and can change a perspective from feeling positive to feeling unmotivated and uninspired. 

Having a set of external helping hands is a great addition to your team and is proven to be crucial to keeping your content creation fresh and creative. Outsourcing also allows you to set your expectations, provide the brief and wait for the content to come to life and be shared, hooking your audience. 


4. It will help you reach new audiences

Dreaming of stepping into new markets? You may want to work with an international group, or outsource your content to someone who is known for creating, managing and publishing global content (that's us 😁). This way your content is expertly localized or transcreated from your source language to target language all in one process. Or even authored in different source languages for the truly native touch.

Your content creation partners will be busy working with multilingual SEO teams ensuring your content is optimized for search - not only in the source language, but also your target language.  


5. It’s easy to measure

Measuring the success of your content marketing initiatives is key to keeping your content strategy running. Working with a third party who understands content marketing ROI will help you to define the KPIs that really matter and get real-time inputs on the impact of your investment. This way you can understand if it is a justifiable option for your business and validate the investment in outsourcing.

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