Why you shouldn’t blindly trust Google Analytics reports

When starting with site analysis to gain insights on how visitors are using your website, Google Analytics (GA) is by far the most popular tool of choice for digital marketers and web analysts around the world, including myself.

SEO vs SEA: Get your digital marketing budget right

Whether you're starting out with managing your online presence or you’re a seasoned digital marketing professional, all the possibilities in this digital world can be a bit daunting and it’s often hard to see the beginning of this journey. It’s not just difficult to plan activities and assign[...]

Ready for website localization? 5 multilingual SEO tips to get started

So you have a successful, optimized website. It ranks high in search engines for multiple keywords in your home country, and audiences are flooding in. That’s great! But you notice that traffic numbers are lower than you want for your international audiences. Why is this happening? What may be[...]

How a good web content management system supports SEO

SEO is important. Depending on the industry you’re in, almost half of your website traffic should be organic, i.e. generated through search engines such as Google.