Optimize your marketing budget for 2022 and beyond

From shifts in physical mobility to altered sales and consumption habits, marketing has been in charge of alleviating some of the pandemic’s severe business impacts. In the beginning, the spread of the Covid-19 virus caused some of the biggest leading companies to focus their marketing efforts[...]

Content marketing: removing language borders

Modern organizations already recognize that “knowing their audience” and mapping their strategy to target personas is the most effective way to resonate with the user and achieve higher growth and customer retention 

How to optimize your content strategy for international SEO

Is your brand ready to take on the world? Your focus on international SEO (or lack thereof) can help or hinder your international strategy, respectively. While a large portion of international SEO is related to technical details (URL structures, hreflang, tech stacks, and more), you still need to[...]

4 reasons why you need transcreation for your global marketing

Long gone are the days when global brands only needed to translate their marketing content. Today, customers expect content that personally appeals to them, and in response, brands strive to create messages that can really resonate and connect with their audience.

Expert tips on why technical documentation matters in business

In this blog, we explain why technical documentation is important and how a company and the end customer benefit from high-quality technical documentation. We also take a sneak peek at the challenges of technical documentation and its future.

Global marketing: Is your message getting lost in translation?

With your audiences spread across the globe, it is increasingly challenging to communicate in ways that resonate in different cultures. All your messages need to be adapted to the local market so that your customers can connect and engage with your brand.

Your international SEO guide: technical edition

You know the importance of international SEO when it comes to growing your business, but do you know how to best optimize your website for a global audience? You might think it’s about translation and localization, and you’re right, but it’s much more than just that.

How to keep the audience engaged during online training

Organizations have had to learn to do without most of the day-to-day physical interactions that used to characterize business life. Business travel has fallen off a cliff and may never be the same. The pandemic may have long-term, or even permanent, effects on the way we work. More and more[...]

Multilingual vs. International SEO: do you know the difference?

For global brands, international SEO and/or multilingual SEO are invaluable. There are multiple challenges when it comes to making a worldwide footprint: what type of website translation tools to use, transcreating your marketing campaigns, numerous local search engines … All this just to ensure[...]

Is digitalizing your company’s training worthwhile?

Are you responsible for organizing training in your company? Are you wondering how to ensure all employees receive training? Has the explosive growth in working remotely made you think of alternatives to face-to-face training? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.