How to create an effective elearning localization strategy

There’s no question: elearning is a vital part of any company’s training and talent development programs. Especially for global companies, with teams spread across different offices and locations, the convenience of online classes make them the preferred and most effective training method in[...]

Your genius marketing video needs audiovisual translation for global success

The digital marketing landscape is always changing to keep up with consumer expectations. It is an evolving world centered around who, what, where, when, why and how your audience wants to receive your value proposition. So, the million-dollar question: how does your audience want to be reached?[...]

Translation program metrics: The key for your localization resolutions

Hello 2022! The New Year is here, and it has everyone thinking about fresh starts and new beginnings. We all want this year to be bigger and better than the last, so many of us make resolutions to do just that.

Fireballs, roosters and sing-offs: New Year customs worldwide

As we begin to wrap up the holidays with a big red bow and prepare for the year ahead, we decided to take a closer look at how different cultures around the globe celebrate the New Year.

Holiday traditions around the world

Colder weather, snow on the ground (depending on where you call home) and preparing for family gatherings – all means one thing – the holidays are upon us! Depending on your region or religion, the holiday season might carry different meanings: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other celebrations.[...]

The rise in demand of live interpreting for virtual events

The continued disruption to business meetings and world travel, and shift of emphasis to virtual meetings and events, has been well documented over the last 18 months. But one critical aspect of this trend that’s less well known has been the shift of corporate budgets from business travel to web-[...]

The top 10 languages in higher demand for business

It's clear the world is becoming increasingly connected and business today is certainly international. Most global companies have at least given thought to the many possibilities that could arise with providing their content in different languages. 

How high-quality legal translations can help you win your case

In cases with multilingual documents, translations may seem like just another thing to take care of before the trial. However, your choice of a translation partner is more important than you think!

Four questions to help you get software localization right

Software localization can be intimidating at first. If you’re considering localizing your software, you might not be sure where to start, how to avoid pitfalls along the way, or whether localization is even the right move for your business. To address these concerns, we’ve interviewed Patrick[...]

8 ways to maximize your language translation services budget

It’s safe to say that the need for language translation services isn’t exclusive to multinational companies. If you aspire to global markets or are trying to expand your business reach, you’ll need to take your content further and consider localization services as well, which accounts for the[...]