What’s the best way to translate an app?


Everyone is talking about international apps that should be made available to the widest population possible due to the current situation. This raises an interesting discussion about the accessibility of content in multiple languages.

COVID-19: A Toolbox for Multilingual Remote Communications

The coronavirus health emergency has already had a strong impact on the business world, and many companies have had to react quickly on several fronts. In particular, the need to reduce or avoid public gatherings has resulted in rapid and unexpected changes. 

Copywriting, Transcreation, or Adaptation: Which One Is Best for Your Marketing Content?

Starting the process of taking your company’s content global can come with a steep learning curve. When you begin to research the different services that translation agencies offer, you might encounter some unfamiliar names, such as transcreation or adaptation.

An Introduction to Multilingual SEO

If you are looking into taking your company global, you’ve probably already come across the term multilingual SEO. Translating your SEO content is a key step in the internationalization process, since it makes it easier for clients around the world to find your website.

5 Tips for Successful Video Localization

Are you part of the 87% of online marketers who use video content? If you are, you want to be sure that your videos reach the largest possible audience. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by localizing your content