How to reduce costs in the translation process

In this blog article, we explain how a professional translation partner can reduce the cost of investment, and how the customer can contribute to this.

The anatomy of a file

I like files. Not all of them, but generally speaking, most of them. I don't like PDF files, though. I have developed a kind of love-hate relationship with Microsoft Word's doc(x) file format – kind of the same as with my daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat: sometimes they make me angry, but I[...]

How can SMEs benefit from translation technologies?

It is easy to think that only large companies can make use of translation technologies. However, today’s technologies are very scalable and perfectly suited for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In this blog post, we explain which translation technologies are available and what[...]

Translator insights: specialized translations for trains and railway

Acolad has been translating train-related material for many years, and the train and railway industry currently constitutes one of our areas of expertise.

We collaborate with several of the largest players in the industry, and one of the translators who has worked in the area from the beginning[...]

How can translation and localization boost success in global markets?

Translation can help your company achieve its goals, and here you will find out how and why! Read a localization specialist’s insights on how to choose the right vendors as well as the benefits of integrating translation in your business model and product development strategy. Gain an[...]

Three good reasons to choose a professional translation provider

This article discusses the benefits of outsourcing translations to a professional language service partner, in addition to offering tips on ordering translations.

PDF localization - what does it take?

Clients often ask if we can translate from PDF files. Of course, the answer is always “yes.” As with any other project, first we must gauge what the client actually needs back from us. Clients’ requirements for deliverables vary from the very basic to complex. Basic PDF localization could be[...]

Why are translation agencies needed?

In recent years, there has been a great deal of debate in the translation industry about the roles and duties of providers in the sector. Some have even expressed views that translation agencies are a completely unnecessary intermediate stage in the industry and will eventually disappear[...]

In-house translation vs. using a translation agency

Concerns over costs and time can make it tempting to translate company material in-house, but is the decision to do so short-sighted or valid in the long term?

How are translation prices calculated?

In this blog article, we use a few examples to illustrate how translation rates are formed and what factors affect the schedule. We also explain how you can influence the price and the schedule of a translation project.