Video reference: Nivos Oy uses Acolad learning services

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We spoke with Nyrki Laine, Director of Human Resources at Nivos Oy, to learn more about how their need for English language training arose. He also explains how they faced a challenge typical to many Finnish companies: their employees had a good passive command of English, but were not using it actively.

Nivos is a multi-utility company in Mäntsälä, Finland, that supplies electricity, district heating, natural gas and broadband connections, among other services.

Watch the video below to find out how effective language training helps Nivos serve its customers better!

As Mäntsälä becomes more attractive to foreign customers, Nivos has recognized the need to improve its ability to give customers the same excellent service in English as it does in Finnish.

Acolad provided language training services to employees at Nivos during 2017 and 2018 to teach them English customer service language, improve their presentation skills, and expand their knowledge of business practices in other cultures.

Thank you to Nivos Oy and their Director of Human Resources, Nyrki Laine, for their cooperation in producing this video.


  • Audio: English
  • Length: 3 minutes 56 seconds


  • 00:00 - Introduction to Nivos and their industry
  • 00:30 - Why was Nivos looking for a training provider?
  • 01:20 - What was Acolad’s training solution?
  • 01:45 - What was the format of the training, and what were the topics?
  • 02:25 - What were the lessons like?
  • 03:15 - How will this training help Nivos achieve its goals?
  • 03:40 - What other training has Nivos received from Acolad?

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