4 reasons why you need transcreation for your global marketing


Long gone are the days when global brands only needed to translate their marketing content. Today, customers expect content that personally appeals to them, and in response, brands strive to create messages that can really resonate and connect with their audience.

Transcreation is also growing amongst companies that are eager to enter new markets on the right foot and want to make an impactful first impression. 

As we explored in a previous blog post, transcreation is the adaptation of one message into another language, keeping in mind the cultural context of the audience that will receive it. The adaptation of references such as humor, symbols, myths, colors, images and the message itself will ensure cultural suitability. No more literal word for word translations, as transcreation delivers on conveying the general concept of the message in a culturally appropriate manner.

Given this different approach, here are four reasons why you should place your bets on transcreation for your global marketing content.


1. Transcreation improves your SEO

Google quality standards and algorithms take into account several factors to rank pages, including content quality, relevance and visitor engagement.

While it may be tempting to google translate your online content, search engines might consider this as duplicate content and even penalize it in search results. Investing in transcreation ensures your content is rich and unique, resulting in a better SERP ranking.

Transcreation will address how the user searches and poses questions in combination with more detailed keyword research. By replicating local users' thought process, you can take the original concept instead of simply translated keywords. Your audience will be more readily drawn to click through the content, which signals search engines that it is pertinent. The result is improved relevance and content that meets your audience’s questions.

2. The effective way to engage international audiences

Transcreation isn’t just a way to have content available in a local language, it is going beyond words. It’s about giving your audience exactly what they need, so they’ll recognize you as a brand that speaks in a local voice. Ultimately, it’s all about engaging with your customer, widening your market reach and earning brand loyalty. By transcreating, you show your international visitors you know and understand their different cultures, care about them and respect their values.

While a literal translation will just drive your target away, well written native content not only expands your reach, but also keeps your audience engaged.

When you deliver content that is relevant and designed specifically to your audience, users are more likely to trust in your brand and keep returning to your site.


3. Higher conversion rates

With a more engaged audience, your conversion rates will likely become higher. Even if driving traffic to your website is key for global brand awareness, it doesn’t necessarily mean more customers. However, if you deliver the content that your audience is looking for in a way that is specially created to attract them, making them feel it’s addressing their local market, they are more prone to go from being a visitor to becoming your next customer.


4. Increase your brand awareness worldwide

Building a successful global brand takes more than speaking the language of its target markets. That’s why an investment in transcreation is an investment in your brand.

Transcreation experts use their knowledge and expertise to ensure marketing messages are conveyed using updated style and trends from any given locale. Being in touch with the local culture, these specialists also understand different search behaviors and colloquial use of language.

By making your content marketing culturally appropriate for your international audiences, you’ll improve brand awareness in those regions, ultimately leading to increased traffic, user engagement, conversions and return visitor stats.