5 tips for successful video localization

Are you part of the 86% of marketers who use video content? If you are, you want to be sure that your videos reach the largest possible audience. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by localizing your multimedia content

What is elearning localization? Guide to localizing elearning

Does your company have an excellent online induction training program that could also be used across  your company locations? Are you planning your global elearning strategy? Or perhaps you just want to know more about elearning localization?

4 Common Misconceptions about user adoption and change management

Do you feel like your organization just drops technology on your head and makes you figure out how to use it productively? Are your stress levels soaring when your organization’s expense claim tool shows more options than you’d expect in a rocket launch platform? Do you feel like organizing an[...]

Ecommerce localization: benefits of connecting your CMS with a TMS

Ecommerce is the future of retail, and the future is already here.

Discovering Interpreting – Frequently Asked Questions

Interpreting is conveying the message of the speaker orally from a source into a target language.

How to manage multilingual remote communications

While on-site activities resume and we adapt to the new normal, it has become apparent that the shift towards remote and hybrid solutions has radically changed the field of international corporate communication.

Adobe Experience Manager as a headless back-end: GraphQL server(less)

I’ve been working on a GraphQL interface that serves content from Adobe Experience Manager and some other systems in a Back-end For Front-end (BFF) architecture for about a year now.

How does multimedia localization work? Answers from the experts

From online training materials to digital marketing, one content trend is impossible to ignore: the importance of multilingual audiovisual content, or multimedia localization, in your business communications – whether internal or external. 

Neural machine translation: everything you need to know

The dream of being able to automatically translate from one language to another has come true. But just how effective is machine translation? What are the requirements for adopting Neural Machine Translation? 

Subtitles or voice-overs: everything you need to localize your video

Subtitling and dubbing are two common video localization strategies, but their uses can differ per country, content and budget. Even when subtitles are used, they're not always available in all languages. Content creators, studios and distributors therefore don’t reach the full potential of their[...]