Is your medical device documentation ready for EU MDR?

According to data from the European Union, there are over 500,000 different medical devices on the EU market. This could include anything from contact lenses to a hip replacement, or even bandages.

Expert tips for localizing international products

Does your product speak different languages?

There is no universal solution for localization, as each organization and product is different. However, there are several factors that can considerably improve the potential for success. In this blog article, Oura’s localization manager shares her[...]

Is digitalizing your company’s training worthwhile?

Are you responsible for organizing training in your company? Are you wondering how to ensure all employees receive training? Has the explosive growth in working remotely made you think of alternatives to face-to-face training? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Frisian?

In the northern Dutch province of “Fryslan” there has been a lot of talk about the Elfstedentocht” (11-city skating race) because of the recent cold weather conditions.

Why terminology management is key for effective multilingual communication

We can't tell you the number of prospects and customers we have encountered who struggle with inconsistent terminology across their departments. Corporate terminology represents a company-wide standard and should therefore be used consistently by all departments and suppliers. 

What does Brexit mean for GDPR?

It’s been over a year since we published our last article about Brexit, and it goes without saying that a lot has changed since then! This time around, we will be taking a look at what Brexit means for GDPR law and how it affects businesses operating in the United Kingdom and Europe. 

How to choose the interpreting service that's right for you

International conferences, cross-border business negotiations, press conferences, academic meetings… there are many situations where speakers of different languages come together, whether in person or on a conference call. In each of these cases, participants need to fully understand what is[...]

5 translation tips for CROs

International studies run by CROs are essential to the pharmaceutical industry, but the high level of regulation required by multiple governing bodies makes running a clinical trial a complex undertaking. 

Best practices for legal translation

Just as your firm pays great attention to detail when producing legal papers, legal translation requires careful handling by specialized professional translators.

How to produce your international annual report

An annual report, also known as a Universal Registration Document (URD), is the most strategically important document that a company publishes during the year, as it contains influential information for regulators and investors, including those based in other countries.