How can e-learning be used in change communication?

In this blog we discuss and give examples of the kinds of changes in which utilizing e-learning is worthwhile.

How to reduce costs in the translation process

In this blog article, we explain how a professional translation partner can reduce the cost of investment, and how the customer can contribute to this.

Four trends taking eLearning to the next level

As digitization continues to drive change in the workplace, it has transformed how we manage, how we collaborate, how we sell, and also how we choose to learn.

The anatomy of a file

I like files. Not all of them, but generally speaking, most of them. I don't like PDF files, though. I have developed a kind of love-hate relationship with Microsoft Word's doc(x) file format – kind of the same as with my daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat: sometimes they make me angry, but I[...]

A guide to choosing language training

Are you looking to refresh your language skills, but don’t know where to start?

In that case, you are in the right place!

Doing Business in Russia 101

Somebody once said that you can buy in any language, but you can sell only in the language of the buyer.

Case example: eLearning for internal competence development

This time, we’re going to see how versatile eLearning is and how it can be customized for different learners and learning objectives by looking at a very common use-case example for eLearning: internal competence development.

Ethos, pathos and logos - should we care?

The legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle listed three rhetorical appeals; ethos, pathos and logos. The fourth was wine, but as we already know its appeal well enough, we will leave any further discussion of it till May 1, Midsummer or New Year's Eve.

Why outsource keyword research?

A company's search engine marketing may be finely tuned to the home market, but what should they do when planning to expand overseas? How can equally good search engine visibility be ensured in other language areas?

In this blog we will discuss the added value a translation service provider can[...]

What is the role of translations in international marketing?

In this blog, we discuss the role of translations in international marketing, how translations are currently handled in companies, and how translations can be improved from a marketing perspective.